About us

About us

We are a Family Business with the aim to do something for the rethinking of Energy. Customer service comes first for us.
We guarantee this through our experience and expertise as:

  • Sergio Londero
    Former traffic expert, trainer Public Transport, Car Mechanic
  • Raphael Londero
    Owner Londero GmbH, Specialist for Battery and Lithium Systems in Ambulances, Ambulances and Police Vehicles

So we are well prepared for the new Company of abc-scooter.

Most scooters and scooters are still equipped with internal combustion engines today. Often short distances are driven and in the City. This generates strong negative Emissions. This puts a lot of strain on People and the environment. Today it is possible to drive with Electric drive without any Problems, without Emissions. No need to refuel because the Vehicles can be recharged at any outlet.

Through our dealer network that is constantly increasing and our Company we guarantee a flawless service.

We supply major Customers, Companies and our Dealers.

Are you looking for a present for your employees, we certainly have something useful for you.